Citizens Gas Utility District offers customers the option of metered propane service.

All new requests for the monthly metered propane service will be charged a total of $250 for the installation of the tank, in addition to the $50 meter deposit and $25 service charge, for a total of $325.

The customer must pay the installation fee, meter deposit and service fee prior to the installation of the tank by Citizens Gas Utility District, the utility district owns the meter and tank.

The propane rate is $1.99 per gallon. This price is subject to change. (See more about our rates and charges.)

gaugeSenior Citizen Discount

A 10% discount is available on monthly metered sales and regular bulk sales for customers age 62 and older. Only one senior citizen discount is given per meter. The account must be in the name of the person receiving the discount. The senior citizen discount is for residential customers only.

The discount is not available on the advance purchase plan. For more information on the Senior Citizen Discount, please contact our office at (423) 569-4457.

Level Billing for Propane

All customers requesting to be on the Citizens Gas level billing program must sign up between the months of March and April of each year. Customers must have service with Citizens Gas for 12 months prior to signing up and be in good standing. Accounts are balanced each June. At that time, overpayment is returned to the customer while underpayment is due the utility district. Monthly payments must be made every month in order to remain on the level billing system.

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