Pennies With A Purpose



pwpPennies With A Purpose is a program partnership between Citizens Gas utility District and the Children’s Center of the Cumberlands. The program allows customers of Citizens Gas Utility District to round up their bill to the next even dollar amount each month, and the extra money is donated to the Children’s Center.

Located in Oneida, the Children’s Center of the Cumberlands is an accredited member of the National Children’s Alliance and serves as an advocacy center for abused and neglected children of our community. The Children’s Center provides abuse education in schools, assists with the criminal investigation of child abuse cases, provides therapy for abused children and serves as a court advocate for children who are the victims of abuse.

For example, if your bill is $29.61 and you enroll in the Pennies With A Purpose program, your bill wound be rounded up to $30.00, and the 39 cents would be donated to the Children’s Center. A little means a lot! If every customer of Citizens Gas took part in the Pennies With A Purpose program and donated an average of just 30 cents each, we could donate nearly $3,000 each month to the Children’s Center and their efforts to provide a safe haven for abused children in our community.

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