Navien Combi Boiler

COMBI BOILERNavien’s Combi Condensing Gas Water Heater/Boiler is ASME-certified and PVC-vented, offering 75,000 BTU for dual-purpose water heater and heating boiler at 91% efficiency.

Navien’s Condensing Combi Water Heaters are the ideal solution for those customers who need both domestic hot water and a space heating application. Unlike conventional boilers, Navien’s Combi Water Heater heats water only when needed, making it environmentally sound as well as cost ecient.

The Combination’s ASA Control System maintains a consistent, comfortable temperature throughout the home at all times, even taking into account the home’s design as well as outside temperatures.

The secret to this system involves a built-in thermostat which senses even the slightest temperature changes. The Navien CH-180 Combi’s space-heating application calculates the amount of heat required based on the dierence between the return-water temperature and the indoor temperature, then automatically adjusts and controls the temperature accordingly.

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