Billing Options


We are happy to provide our customers with new and improved ways to pay your bills. There is no charge for these services and you can pay via check/debit/credit card with both options.

Pay your bill over the phone at our new phone portal. 1-877-248-7562 (We will no longer be able to take your payment over the phone in our office.)

Pay your bill through our online payment portal, select the pay your bill button below!

In order to create your customer portal, you will need your account number and your present reading on your last bill. Once you set up your account, you will not need this information again, unless you move locations. If you have multiple bills you will be able to add additional accounts, once your first account is registered. You will be able to view all your bills under one login this way!
You will be able to view your account, view and print your bill, view your payment and billing history, send us messages, set up bank draft, etc.

If you have any questions, please contact our office.


Level Billing Plan

All customers requesting to be on the Citizens Gas Level Billing programs must sign up between the months of March and April of each year. Customers must have service with Citizens Gas for 12 months prior to signing up and be in good standing, and must own their home. In May of each year the accounts will be balanced, any over payment will be returned to the customer and any under payment must be paid to the gas company. Monthly payments must be made every month in order to remain on the level billing system.

Citizens Gas Utility District provides propane and natural gas services in Scott and Morgan counties only. It is our hope that we will always provide our customers with the services they may want or need at the best possible price. Citizens Gas operates with employees that live in Scott and Morgan Counties, and we want our customers to be as satisfied as possible.

» Download a level billing sign-up form

Credit Card Payments

We accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express in our office.  We also accept credit cards through our online bill pay and our phone payment portal.

Automatic Draft Program

A convenient way to pay your utility bill.

Citizens Gas Utility District is pleased to offer a new convenient automatic draft program to our customers. This option is available to anyone who wishes to take advantage of the service. Your monthly payment is automatically paid by your bank account every month.

How The Program Works

• Absolutely Free – There is no cost to sign up for the program, and it will save you the cost of postage stamps and a trip to the post office.

• Your Payment is Made on Time – The automatic draft program will provide you with the assurance your monthly payment is made on time. You don’t have to wonder “Did I pay my bill this month?”

• Convenience in Making Your Payment – You do not have to take the time to make out a check and mail the payment each month.

• Easy Reconciliation – We will continue to send you a gas bill as we always have. On your normal due date, your bank
account is deducted for that amount.

• The draft will be shown on your monthly bank statement.

• Simple Enrollment – Simply sign the attached form and include a voided check of the account to be drafted.

How You Enroll

• No more remembering if you paid!

• Complete and sign the attached form

• Enclose a voided check of the bank account to be drafted.

• Mail the form and voided check to Citizens Gas Utility District. We must receive these 15 days prior to your next bill date to be drafted.

• Your next billing notice will reflect the automatic draft amount your bank will automatically pay.

• If you have a problem with your bill, simply notify us within the 15 day grace period and have that month’s draft suspended. You may then pay your bill the same way you always have.

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